Algo Trader Training Guide

Alpha Edge Training

Alpha Edge Training

Alpha Edge Trading offers a full on-line guided training process with feed back and mentoring. This process consists of an online Reference Guide and a live webinar training sessions.

The training consists a series of articles and videos that have been designed to take a trader from having no knowledge of the software to being able to interact with the software at a very proficient level within a short period of time.

Traders will be able to run the software in demo (paper trade) mode, so that they can work on using the software without the possibility of incurring any losses due to error. When Traders feel they are ready to go live they can easily swap in the real account and they can begin trading.

Alpha Edge offers two trader training program for traders. The courses are designed based on the traders experience, capitalization and desired levle of interaction with the software. The Systematic trader program will focus on more passive approach that rely more on the algorithms while the New Trader program will focus on more active short term programs , with a goal of teaching a trader to became a full time professional trader. Many of the aspects of the training program crossover into both courses with the real separation coming when discussing trading strategies. Traders are welcome to sit in on both sessions.

The Systematic Trader Program

The systematic trader program trains a trader on how to use the trading system from a more passive approach, focusing on letting the trading systems do a lot of the work. The strategies that a trader will learn here will be things like building portfolios, making trend calls and structuring the ATS trading systems to run with little involvement. This program is ideal for more experience trader who wish to develop strategies in the ATS and are prepared to trade of a higher level of volatility for less involvement

The Interactive / New Trader program

The Interactive Trader Program is also called the new trader program because it ideal for new traders. It is a more comprehensive program that take a new trader form the ground up leaning the basics of trading, ECNs, trader plans, theory, practical use of the ATS and interactive shor term scalping strategies.

Interactive Live Training Program Format

AES will offer the training program once per month o rmore frequently based on demand. The program will be live interactive webcasts where traders will login and be walked training n a virtual classroom. The training program has been designed so that traders can employ the the ideas learned from each lesson during the trading day, using a real time paper trade demo account. Traders can also self study using our on line training guide.

Each training session will allocate 15 minutes to a general question and answer period after the training session is complete.