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AES has recently launched the SPYDERWEB Program, a specialized aglorithmic trading program that focuses on the SPY with over 100 different algos.

AES has also created a NEW TRADER Program for those relatively new to trading. The NEW TRADER Program will build a trader from the ground up.

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The Trading Systems / Algos

Alpha Edge specializes in short term trading software that uses the power of algorithmic computer models to help guide traders/investors but also allows for human input. We believe our unique approach offers the highest chance for trading success.

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Alpha Edge Auto Trader
The Algo Trader Software

The ATS is an innovative software tool that delivers trading systems to a trader's desktop and allows the trader to develop their own unique strategy. From fully automated robot trading to gray box, the ATS is ideal for the new trading world.

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Alpha Edge Strategies
Trader Strategies

Each trader is unique. the ATS was designed to allow each trader to customize the process. From scalping, scaling ,muti system, the strategies that a trader will develop is literally endless. AES has outlined the the basic ideas to get traders started.

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Alpha Edge Training
Trader Training Program

Alpha Edge offers a Systematic Program for experienced traders or those looking for a more hands-off approach and an Interactive / New Trader Program for those looking to become full time active traders with limited trading experience.

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